Wednesday, May 17, 2006

RPL MN Library Reference

RPL MN Library Reference

Highlights of Symposium:
I learned I'm a digital immigrant; I liked being exposed to new terminology, technology, web sites and ways of thinking.
U of M is changing from Information Commons to Smart Commons where students go to 1 stop, full service destination. Can use librarians and write a paper in the same place. They have collaborative spaces for patrons and "deep quiet" space (new concept to me) where no keyboards are allowed - no noise at all. An interesting aside: the new Minneapolis Public has many meeting rooms [even 2 piano rooms] and patrons can reserve them online with their library card.
I learned about the Urban Library Program - a collaboration between St. Paul Public and St. Kate's. The program's purpose is to recruit and educate a diverse library workforce using hands-on work experiences in libraries. They have 18 grads this year from a range of ages and races. They want to expand the program outside Twin Cities if they get funds. What a wonderful idea - a WIN/WIN.

Ideas for RPL to implement:
1) what ever happened to my proposal about staffing the Internet terminals without professional librarians? Then we could do more professional activities like write a LSTA grant to do Rochester digital historical building photo project between teens and seniors in collaboration with Olm. County His. Society. (He mentioned this and I like it).


Blogger Reference Blogger said...

Ideas for RPL to implement

1.Look into the possibility of partnering with the future U of M-Rochester especially if it comes to downtown. E.g., would they consider funding for expansion of RPL building? subscriptions to databases? additional staff, reference sources, longer library hours, ILL? (I went to the session on the partnership between SPP and Metro State).

2. Continue to use this Reference blog to share interesting reference queries, discuss policies and procedures, and alert others to problems relating to the day-to-day business of the reference desk.

3. Look into the use of RSS feeds/aggregators? Aurora at Selco showed us her aggregator account--it was through Yahoo.

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Blogger Susan said...

Keeping up with the technology to make all these exciting things happen makes my brain hurt. Designing web experiences for Amazoogle generation runs opposite of every usability study on web design. Simple text interface vs. immersive, social, rich user experience. How's a library supposed to make everyone happy? RPL is going to need many tech-saavy staff to use all the technology. Are we ready for 'radical trust'? As Abram says, "Shift happens".

Ideas to implement:
1) YA summer blogging - utilize teen volunteers for this and podcasts
2) Podcasts on various resources - focus on educating the info illiterate
3) look at RSS feeds for library news, events, resource training

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